McLean Youth Volleyball MYV provides house, select and travel volleyball programs for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School athletes in the greater McLean Virginia VA area including Great Falls, Falls Church, Arlington, Vienna, Fairfax, Reston

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Congratulations Boys Volleyball Champions
by posted 11/11/2018

Congratulations to all 145 athletes (65 MYA) and coaches who made the 2018 NoVA Boys Volleyball a huge success.  There were 15 teams from MYA, BRYC, CYA and Arlington.

Congratulations to all players and coaches, especially those on the teams listed below.

ES League

  • 1st Place: BRYC ES (Kim)
  • 2nd Place: Arlington ES (Campbell)
  • 3rd Place: MVPower ES2 Green (Buddie)

MS League

  • 1st Place: Arlington MS1 (Debok)
  • 2nd Place: MVPower MS2 Navy (Dimatulac)
  • 3rd Place: BRYC-MS1 (Eaton)

The pictures I took from the regular season and playoffs have been posted to the following Google Photos Album.



There are an increasing number of opportunities to continue playing volleyball – we’ll post the latest information about boys volleyball on the NoVA Boys Volleyball website. In general organized boys leagues are in the fall with coed leagues in the spring.

During the winter, there are two options:

  • Chantilly Volleyball Club runs a volleyball program for boys of all ages once a week on Saturdays at Rocky Run MS in Chantilly.  Contact to register for this winter’s session
  • MYA Volleyball running a series of coed clinics for Grades 4 to 8 on Saturdays at Holmes MS in Alexandria.  Here’s a link to the online registration page.


The next all-boys volleyball season is Fall 2019. We looking forward to see everyone back.

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Introducing the New HS Select Leagues
by posted 10/25/2018

McLean Youth Volleyball (MYV) has been rethinking our high school offering to encourage as many of you as possible to continue playing and enjoying volleyball.

For the spring 2019 season, MYV plans to offer four different high school leagues: (1) HS House (2) HS Travel and two new competitive leagues: (3) HS Select A and (4) HS Select B.  Although the season won’t start until March, we wanted to inform you of the exciting new offering so you can begin planning with your friends and teammates.

  1. HS House (HSH).  This is our traditional House league. It’s open to all players regardless of past experience and skills.  It is intended for those who want a fun and casual experience.  Girls register as individuals and are assigned to teams and coaches based on their availability and special requests.  Friend requests are always honored and encouraged.  The commitment is one 90-minute practice during the week and one 60-minute match on Saturdays.  The league follows a modified set of volleyball rules including a limit of 5 consecutive service wins.
  1. HS Travel (HST): This is our Travel league.  MYV will hold a competitive tryout in early March to fill two teams to compete in the established NoVA HS Travel League which plays matches against teams from other youth volleyball organizations in Fairfax County.  The teams practice twice a week and play each Wednesday.  Last year, over 90 girls tried out for 25 positions.  This year, VYI Volleyball will also run HS Travel teams. Girls who do not make a team after the tryout are welcome to play in one of the three other leagues.
  1. HS Select A (HSS-A): A new advanced league for players who want to have a competitive volleyball experience without the HS Travel commitment.  Similar to adult leagues, it follows a BYOT (Bring Your Own Team) and BYOC (Bring Your Own Coach) format where a group of friends registers as a team and identifies their own adult coach(es), if the team wants a coach.  The commitment is one 90-minute practice during the week (also optional) and one 60-minute match on Saturdays.  The league follows standard HS volleyball rules without special exceptions.  Limit of 6 teams.
  1. HS Select B (HSS-B): This new league also follows a BYOT and BYOC format but is not Coach Optional.  A group of friends registers as a team and identifies their own adult coach(es). It is intended for players with intermediate or higher skills who want a competitive but casual experience.  The commitment is one 90-minute practice during the week and one 60-minute match on Saturdays.  The league follows standard HS volleyball rules without special exceptions.  Limit of 6 teams.

A new option was recently added.  You can now sign up to play HS Select A or B as a single or small group of friends.  To do so, either send us a note at or fill out the new question about league-formed teams on your 9th-12th grade registration form.

So that’s the planned structure.  For additional details, visit the new HS Select page. It includes details about the liberal substitution rules and the option for teams to request bye-weeks to attend proms, beach week, grad parties, etc. 

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Congratulations to MYV's Vicki Gilmer: Champion of Character
by posted 10/20/2018

Congratulations to our own Vicki Gilmer for winning the prestigious Fairfax County Champion of Character award on October 15, 2018 for her amazing contributions to McLean Youth Volleyball.

Here's the next of her nomination read out during the ceremony.

Vicki Gilmer embodies all the good qualities of a youth sports volunteer. 

Over the past several years, she has been one of the most popular MYA volleyball coaches leading at least two girl’s teams in separate leagues each season.  Vicki routinely goes beyond teaching volleyball skills, gameplay and sportsmanship by providing support and mentoring off the court to her players.  Her teams feel more like inclusive families where her caring and compassionate approach fosters mutual trust, respect and life-long friendships. 

Vicki’s passion for helping youth sports goes beyond coaching.  She regularly volunteers as the Age-Group Coordinator for two leagues working with fellow coaches and parents to ensure that all aspects of each league (rosters, schedules, matches) run smoothly, and they always do.  In fact, she was the force behind starting a new league for High School girls to continue enjoying the sport and playing with their friends.  Behind her leadership, HS House has blossomed into the most popular MYA Volleyball league with over 16 teams and 160 girls this past spring. 

For all her contributions as a youth coach, leader and mentor, Vicki Gilmer is unquestionably a Champion of Character.

Way to go, Vicki!!

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Donate to Help Bring Sand Volleyball Courts to Spring Hill REC
by posted 06/17/2018

Help Bring Sand Volleyball to the Spring Hill RECenter

Good News. McLean Youth Volleyball is partnering with the Spring Hill RECenter to build two (2) SAND VOLLEYBALL COURTS on the RECenter property.  The planned location will be in the open field adjacent to the pool sun deck and baseball diamond.  

This is an exciting development that will bring high quality sand courts to the community and open up options for additional McLean Youth Volleyball programs.  Sand Volleyball is already a popular Olympic sport and currently the fastest growing NCAA sport, expanding 10% annually.

The goal is to raise about $25K through private donations that the Fairfax County Park Authority will match with public funds. The target is to raise the amount by March 2019 so the courts can be built and ready by the summer of 2019.

If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation, please use the following form on the MYV website:

We welcome whatever amount you are comfortable donating ($20, $50, $100 or more). 

Thank you!

Chuck Pruitt, Director
McLean Youth Volleyball

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Congratulations Spring 2018 Champions
by posted 06/10/2018

Congratulations to all 720 athletes (630 MYA) and 190 (175 MYA) volunteer coaches who made the MYV spring 2018 season a huge success.  There were 72 teams including 6 from Vienna (2 MS Select, 4 9th-12th Grade) 2 from Falls Church City (6th & 7th Grades) and one from Cyburi VBC (6th Grade).  

Photos of the season can be found on the following Google Photo site.


4th Grade House

  • 1st Place: ES4-1 Carolina (Elgharib)
  • 2nd Place: ES4-6 Red (Ashtar-Mahdi)
  • 3rd Place: ES4-2 Purple (Warrell)

5th Grade House

  • 1st Place: ES5-3 Royal (Lee)
  • 2nd Place: ES5-5 Turquoise (Toumazatos)
  • 3rd Place: ES5-6 Pink (Jabboure-Kymalainen)

6th Grade House – GOLD Bracket

  • 1st Place: ES6-12 Cyburi (Phan)
  • 2nd Place: ES6-4 Green (Nguyen)
  • 3rd Place: ES6-3 Royal (Solomon)

6th Grade House – Silver Bracket

  • 1st Place: ES6-9 Orange (Rushenas-Kalhor)
  • 2nd Place: ES6-10 Maroon (Gulhan-Gharad)

7th Grade House – GOLD Bracket

  • 1st Place: MS7-1 Carolina (Thomas)
  • 2nd Place: MS7-5 Pink (Blakemore-Carraway)
  • 3rd Place: MS7-8 Lime (McAuliffe-Murn)

7th Grade House – Silver Bracket

  1. 1st Place: MS7-10 Gold (Hertz-Rodriguez)
  2. 2nd Place: MS7-2 Purple (Klumpp)

8th Grade House -GOLD Bracket

  • 1st Place: MS8-8 Lime (Green-Pilewski)
  • 2nd Place: MS8-2 Purple (Siegel)
  • 3rd Place: MS8-3 Royal (Dziedzic)

8th Grade House -Silver Bracket

  • 1st Place: MS8-10 Maroon (Chapman-Bourgeois)
  • 2nd Place: MS8-5 Pink (Chin)

MS Select

  • 1st Place: MSS-2 Purple (Markovic)
  • 2nd Place: MSS-1 Royal (Friedman)
  • 3rd Place: MSS-5 Red (Benda)

9th-12th Grade House – GOLD Bracket

  • 1st Place: HSH-12 Raspberry (Bui)
  • 2nd Place: HSH-11 Coral (Yvesdi)
  • 3rd Place: HSH-9 Orange (Ortiz)

9th-12th Grade House – Silver Bracket

  • 1st Place: HSH-7 Red (Xing)
  • 2nd Place: HSH-3 Royal (MacGregor)
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