McLean Youth Volleyball MYV provides house, select and travel volleyball programs for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School athletes in the greater McLean Virginia VA area including Great Falls, Falls Church, Arlington, Vienna, Fairfax, Reston
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MS Select Overview

The Middle School (MS) SELECT program started in 2013 based on participant feedback requesting a more competitive volleyball experience.  During the 2018 season, the MS Select program had seven (7) teams with 60+ players including two teams from Vienna Youth (VYI) Volleyball.

MS Select runs during the same spring season as the House program and is open to girls in grades 6th thru 8th with intermediate to advanced skills. Unlike the inclusive nature of House, MS Select pulls in top players after a tryout. It's ideal for athletes aspiring to play volleyball in high school and/or at the club level.

MS Select is NOT a CLUB VOLLEYBALL program.  For information about club volleyball opportunities in the area, visit the Volleyball Primer page.


What's New in 2019

  • Tryouts will take place during the first two weeks of March.  Dates and times are currently TBD.



  • Two 90 minute practices during the week
  • One 90 minute match (5 games) each Saturday during the season
  • Target is only 9 players per team -- players are expected to attend all practices and matches


Tryout Process - 2018 Season

  • MS Select tryouts are OPTIONAL -- this is not a league-wide skills assessment.  Registered girls who don't attend tryouts are still in the House league.
  • Qualifications: Girls in grades 6th-8th already registered for the MYV 2018 spring season in the appropriate House league. There are no minimum skills or experience -- even those who serve underhand can make a MS Select team.
  • There are two rounds of tryouts:
    • Round 1 TRYOUTS are 45 minute sessions open to anyone. No prior registration is required, just show up to one (and only one) of the following:
      • Monday, March 5 at McLean HS Main/Lower Gym #2
        • Session 1: 7:00pm-7:45pm
        • Session 2: 8:00pm-8:45pm
      • Tuesday, March 6 at McLean HS Main/Lower Gym #2
        • Session 3: 7:00pm-7:45pm
        • Session 4: 8:00pm-8:45pm
      • Wednesday, March 7 at McLean HS Main/Lower Gym #2
        • Session 5: 7:00pm-7:45pm
        • Session 6: 8:00pm-8:45pm
    • Round 2 CALLBACK is invitation-only based on Round 1 results and takes place on Saturday, March 10 @2:15pm-4:00pm at the McLean HS Main/Lower Gym #2 (checkin at 2:00pm).  Attendance is mandatory to be considered for a MS Select team.
  • If offered a position, reply with your acceptance, confirm your understanding of the MYA Volleyball Playing Time Policy, and verify which days & times you are available for team practices.
  • If not offered a position, no worries.  You're still playing volleyball this spring on a House team.

Comparison of Select vs. House
For those new to the Select program, here are some quick comparisons with the House program.

  • Key differences:
    • Select Program = A more intense volleyball experience comparable to the competitive programs in High School and on club volleyball teams.
    • House Program = A more casual volleyball experience geared towards learning the sport and/or having fun playing with friends & classmates.

  • MS Select players are chosen based on a tryout
    • The tryout evaluates volleyball skills, team-work, athleticism and coach-ability
    • Anyone not assigned to a MS Select team after tryouts is automatically placed on a House team

  • MS Select follows standard USA Volleyball Rules
    • No Special Rules such as continuous substitution, service re-dos, lax foot faults and extra points for 3 touches

  • MS Select players DO NOT have equal playing time
    • As practiced by most competitive volleyball program, MS Select playing time is determined by Head Coaches as part of game strategy
    • There is no guarantee of a set amount of playing time. Some players will naturally play more than others. 
    • The unbalanced nature of playing time should be considered prior to attending a tryout or accepting a position on a team.
    • Parents must agree to the MYA Volleyball Playing Time Policy prior to the first match. 
  • MS Select teams play matches against other teams in the MS Select program
  • For the Middle School division of the regional All-Stars tournament, MYV sends two teams of players selected exclusively from MS Select teams.

If you have any questions, please email